The Roadschool Quart-Sized Companion Set

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The Roadschool Quart-Sized Companion is your new best friend that is jam-packed with everything you need to stay organized along your roadschooling journey. From adventure logs to trail trackers to weekly and monthly planning pages, these quart-sized planners are truly a companion you won’t want to leave home without!

We get it! Life can throw you some curveballs along the way, so rather than trying to tackle a full year at a time, we’ve broken those 12 months down to quart-sized bits that are easier to plan for. This way, you are in control, making fresh starts as necessary without the overwhelm or stress of ruining bigger plans. Studies have shown that breaking down your plans and goals into quarterly sections improves focus, reduces overwhelm, and increases your chances of achieving your goals. Helping you to achieve your roadschooling goals while staying organized is what The Roadschool Quart-Sized Companion was made for! Our quart-sized planners offer a convenient size that is easy to throw in your day pack for a day at the parks or your kid’s backpack for learning on the go. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your companion set today!

Here’s what you get with each Roadschool Quart-Sized Companion book:

  • Trip Planning: Where are you headed? You can use this page to plan out your trip month by month or use it as a bucket list of places you want to visit over the course of the year
  • Adventures: An adventure log for all the amazingly awesome places your family has adventured to throughout the quarter
  • National Parks: Headed to the parks? Track the ones you've visited and whether or not your family participated in the Junior Ranger program. You can even use this page to stamp at the Visitor’s Center!
  • Trails: Hit the trails for exercise and exploring the great outdoors - jot the trail name, the distance you hiked, and the date
  • Road Reads: A place to list all of the inspiring books you've listened to or read along your route
  • Plan Ahead: An at-a-glance view of what’s to come throughout the quarter
  • Attendance: Need to keep track of attendance while on the road? Use this page to track school days, non-school days, travel days, and more
  • Goals: Set your monthly goals for travel, school, and life
  • Two-Page, Undated Monthly Spreads: All of the space to plan your travel days, adventures, important dates, and more
  • Weekly Spreads: Pre-plan or back-plan school progress, set your weekly intention, check off your to-dos, things to buy, materials to prep and events to attend, jot down upcoming plans, and meal plan for the week
  • Month in Review: A special space for reflection each month; Thinking back on a favorite memory of the month, making note of the small victories you achieved and the things that still need improvement, and reassessing your goals for the upcoming month
  • Field Notes: A few pages tucked-in at the end of each book for note-taking, brain dumping, or future planning

Product Details:

  • Size: 8.5” H  x 5.5” W
  • Companion Set: Includes Books 1-4*
    • Book 1: January, February, March
    • Book 2: April, May, June
    • Book 3: July, August, September
    • Book 4: October, November, December
  • Construction:
    • Cover: 110 lb kraft paper cardstock
    • Inner Pages: 32 lb paper sourced from sustainable U.S.-based family tree farms
    • Ink: Soy-based inkjet ink
  • Binding Options: Wire-Bound or Unbound/Unpunched
  • Shipping: Available to ship within the U.S. only

*If you are interested in ordering a set with custom quarters, please visit this listing to place your custom order. Custom orders take an additional 2-3 days to process.

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